Monday, May 29, 2006

Merintis Segala Kemungkinan

2day match is de match det mk me feel m'sia football still got hope. 2day i feel, no not i feel, but all de m'sia football lovers will feel det 2day is de most historical moment in m'sia football history. Myteam aka rojak team aka instant noodle(by FAM) which is under de coachin of chief coach Shebby Singh had went against de national team juz now. Dis team wif 22 players was form by selecting de best players around de country n dey hv their proper trainin juz 4 3 wks n dey hv 2 go against de national team. Although lack of time, Myteam had put m'sia national team under pressure n at de brink of losin their face in front of every1. Juz lucky dey manage 2 win by scoring 2 goals thru free kick. Btw their free kick r reli sucks. Myteam had manage 2 draw 70K ppl 2 stadium Bkt.Jalil n moz of dem wearin blue shirt 2 support Myteam. Dis is after dunno how many many yrs national stadium full wif ppl det wana watch m'sia football. 2day i tink is national team's nightmare wif de crowd booin at dem n dey nearly lose their face dwn de longkang.

Pak Berhaim, secretary of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) had ask ppl hu come 2 stadium 2 wear yellow instead of blue which means Myteam. Coz he said, dis is 1 of de way 2 show off love det u got 4 country. 2bad no1 listen 2 his bull shit n every1 turn up wif blue shirts. Luckly Myteam supporters stand up n sang Negaraku while de song was played be4 de match. Or not det old man will say Myteam supporters as pembelot.

2day match indeed superb n unforgetable, wif nice skil, fast players, xcitin attempt on goal, 72% on target, gd team work, team spirit, their passion 4 football, their spirit 4 football, de integration between races in de team n sportmanship by Myteam. Their ways of playing n formation is much alike 2 de european style of playing. Thx 2 shebby. 2day match is juz like watchin EPL.

2day match oso show how budjet is de national team is. Dey thought dey r great but wen dey r 1 ball bhind dey start 2 play rough. Player frm national team coz a lot of Myteam players injured n of cuz Myteam players due 2 lack of xperience oso cause much of national team players injured. 2 red cards were issued in de game 2 both side n situation getting worst wif each team in d end left 8 & 9 players (Myteam 9, m'sia 8). De match oso show how lousy our national team is wif moz of de shot off target, cant even breach opponent's defence line n how FAM break their promise by sendin U20 against Myteam instead of de senior team. U20 is gd but under de same management of de same BOD of FAM dey won improve.

Reasons why myTeam were beaten: 1. Inexperience 2. Nervous (they play better in the second half) 3. No supporting runs 4. Lack of stamina 5. Obviously, poor techniques (Oh me gosh, can't even stop the ball properly)

Reasons why Malaysia won: 1. Lucky 2. Very lucky 3. Bloody lucky 4. Tersangat lucky 5. Nothing but lucky

Reasons why this should be continued: 1. It was a good programme 2. They gave Malaysia a run for their money 3. Once in a while we need the stadium to be filled 4. To make somebody like Ibrahim Saad to shut up 5. Becoz it was a Jason Lo programme (viva Jason!)

Reasons why the commentator is stupid: 1. Becoz he is just stupid 2. He says, "Pasukan negara tidak patut diaibkan orang sendiri" Wake up, idiot! Face the truth. Becoz of people like you our football is goin no where. If we are weak means we are weak. By not allowing them to play against team like myTeam only mean that we do not want to face the truth that we are weak. And if we do not know that we are weak, how can we improve on our weaknesses? 3. Becoz he speaks like people from FAM 4. He is just stupid 5.

Stupid Reasons why shebby rocks: 1. He came out with a not-too-bad team in only 7 weeks. 2. He scolded the brainless referee 3. He sat beside J.Lo 4. He almost scares the shit outta FAM 5. He is full with ideas

Reasons why Malaysia shouldn't be proud of this win: 1. Becoz you only won 2-1 against amateurs 2. Becoz you are not any better than the players from myTeam 3. Becoz you didnt know how to shoot on target 4. Becoz you run so slow i thought i am watching Matrix 5. Becoz you conceeded a goal 6. Becoz you guys do not want to face the truth 7. Becoz you play so badly even my grandma swear at u 8. Becoz no one in the stadium really supported you 9. Becoz you are wasting the rakyat's money and you did not perform 10. Becoz you just didnt know how to play football.

Not i dun wan 2 support national team, but national team n de league had mk me disappointed n boring. We criticize becoz we luv our football. If we dun like we won bother 2 criticeze. Time 2 wk up FAM n face de reality det u all r sucks. Face de reality det m'sia is 125 in rankin around de world n plz der is nth 2 proud of wif dis rankin. Plz wk up n do sumtin 4 de country if u wan 2 achieve de goal det m'sia reach WC by 2014.

Thx 2 Myteam, Myteam had brought back my passion 4 m'sia football n i can feel de shock det had been send by Myteam thru out de country. Go Myteam n i hope Myteam legacy will nvr ends.

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