Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Last Drama

24th of June 2006, the last FOA or Festival of Arts det was held in Dewan Spastik by de Literary, Debating and Drama Society of English College. The event ends at 2.30 pm n dets mean FOA is officially in history.

Everyone noes that FOA is about drama, dance n musical performances but do anyone noes det there is drama happenin outside de hall. I tell u all, drama outside the hall is 1000xxx better den inside. So 2day i gona briefly talk about de event det happen outside. So, to those ppl hu din come, din noe abt wad happenin outside, went off early or vr kay poh wana noe a lot, ok, I will tell u all wad u all had miss in 'The Last Drama'.

10.10 am
A group of indians dunno under hus gang wana come into the hall. They got not enough money so dey snatch de chop from de person in charge n dey juz chop on their hands. Simbran stop dem from comin in n he ask for help. I was called 2 help n get standby for any thing det gona happen. All de ways det lead to de hall are fully guarded to prevent those indian from comin in. Situation was under controlled later on.

12.45 pm
LPG,Shit n Pm come with their fella macha. Shit n Pm are performin n dey bring their macha from the side of the hall. I stop them becoz they din pay 4 entry fee. Since Pm n I are frez so i ask for Abel. Abel agreed to let them stand by the hall side and watch until Pm n Shit performance is over.

1.15 pm
Pm n shit performance over n it seem they still dont wana get off. Their macha fren seems to hv the intention 2 hv a fight. Ban Lee was later called on by them n those macha confronted him. I den ask LPG n Pm 2 ask their macha fren to go other place to settle their score. Battle of the gangs move out from the hall. A fight nearly broke off n i was informed. I rush out n it seem the show is over.

1.40 pm
Not long after macha gang show over, the final scene for 'The Last Drama' of FOA begun, a toyota dunno wad car speed off frm Spastic Hall. In my mind I was thinkin "if he drive like dis sure kena accident". I juz look at the car speedin off down de road and suddenly det car seem to be doing 'drifting' n i thought he was turning into somewhere. Den Ban Lee said "sure accident la" n den he climb up n said "O god, fcuk, Reli accident. Car Overturn". Ban Lee ran juz in front n i ran behind n shouted to Soon Leng for help. When i reach there n see de car like that i am thinking that the driver is seriously injured but when i go take a look inside, surprisingly no one inside. The driver managed to escape from the car unhurt but than he suffered from car crash trauma.Fire brigade came n the fire fighters were informed det the driver is ok, juz after det they show their sien face. Perhaps they are sad to not be able to show off their skills. So they went off after one of the firefighters off the engine.

With the fire brigade out of the scene, that marks the end of 'The Last Drama' and it is also marks the end of the FOA. Being involve for 4 years in FOA i cant bear to see it ends but it is fine since the decision has been made. Goodbye to FOA and thanks for everbody's support . Thank You.


Esther said...

Wee~ not bad what ur blog..
This year FOA seems so dramatic, aiks! I miss out the fun && no HOT DOGS!!! hahahaha..

Catch up soon.. Take care!(:

Kanasaikia said...

Haha~ thx. Yah, reli dramatic n u swei lo miss those nice part. hahahaha

Btw, still thx 4 de support, ur praising is my motivation 2 go on.