Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Can't Stand It Anymore

Man~ I tell myself not to blog until SPM finish. But I can't help it. Thanks to this Indonesia which frust me up, creating a 'healthy' atmosphere for me to live on.

Kanina la u fcuking Indonesia basket! Got no other ways for u all to clear the land is it?? What the hell is the Indonesian garmen doing?? Say only no.1. Where's your action?? Can't u all send more firemen to those hotspots and nab those who are responsible for it. Or maybe u all had been bribed. Only noe how to create troubles only. Do u noe that your irresponsible action has cause your fellow countrymen and neighbouring countries living in an unhealthy atmosphere. If u, THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA get to see my blog, I hope you all can do something on it. I don't wish to smell anything burning, i don't wish to live with my eyes soring and i also don't wana live in a condition which I had difficulty to gasp for air. Do something,please, you, INODONESIAL!!

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