Friday, May 04, 2007


Somehow reading some old comics that I have was quite fascinating and i sometimes find that things that some characters said in the comic really makes sense. Just like recently, i got myself reading Samurai X and I had found a few dialouges which gave me inspiration about our life. Here it goes,
"Kalau kau anggap yang menang tu menggengamkan kebenaran, kau sama seperti Makoto Shishio(antagonist) saja! Betul atau salah perlu diputuskan oleh sejarah! Apa yang kita patut buat ialah percaya pada perkara yang dianggap benar dan berjuang deminya..."
To me, what he said was quite true. The person who wins doesn't mean he has the truth on his side. Right or wrong of a person doing must be judge by the time. As the time pass by, we will eventually knows wheater what a person has done was right or the other way round. So, if you have anything that you which to do now, just do it. As long as you think that the way you choose was right than go for it and have no regrets.
Kenshin continue to say,
"Tapi.. Aku tetap fikir teori yang kuat baham yang lemah adalah salah!! Salah besar!!"
If you know the story than you know what it means. Actually, not really 100% you got to know the story than you will understand what Kenshin means. The theory he said, actually happens in our life. I agree with him that this theory is wrong. We human should help those who needed and not discrimate them. No matter what, there will be humans that will practise the theory but i believe that there will also be a group of people who share the same thinking as mine. As long this kind of people exist, we human are different from the animal.

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