Saturday, June 02, 2007

Do You Love Your Country?

I read about this in Ie Tjer's Blog and find it quite interesting how he feel about Malaysia. After reading his post, I think about it, wheather I love my country or not. I created this survey and my answers is there.

Do you love your country?
Yes, because this is the place I born.

Why? I thought you like to critisize a lot about your country?
Come on man! I love this country only I critisize. If I do not love this country deeply, to hell I bother about what is happening in this country.

Since you say you love this country deeply, do you feel proud of your country?
Yes, I am. I feel proud of my country but not for my country's politic and the way a certain groups handle and govern the country. I feel proud for my country's multicultural society and the way we stay as a family eventhough we are different races because it is unique and you will hardly get it in other places around the world. When I go overeseas, I will proudly tell people that I know how unique Malaysia is.

So, you are proud to be Malaysian right?
Yes! I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

The End.

Thats the end of my survey. No doubt, that is how i feel for my country. How about you?


Ie Tjer said...

As much as we want or like it to be, Malaysians generally do not live together as a multi-racial and multi-cultural country should be, and never will.

Everyday I walk out, I see racism. I open up the papers, I read about racism. When I dine, I overhear racism.

We do not regard, respect nor value the culture and heritage of the different races.

We are only tolerating. Tolerance has been keeping this country at bay and at peace since the last farce we had in May 1969.

iCalvyn said...

i like malaysia too, it will be better if the "keadilan" really exist...

Kanasaikia said...

Yah! If der is real 'keadailan & demokrasi.

Racist every country oso got. M'sia is no exception but v can't juz becoz of some ppl n dun befren d others or hate each other.

Lets befren mor den mking mor enemies. Peace ^^

Yes! I agrees wif u det v r tolerating but dun juz stand der n wait 4 D-Day. Do something on it.

All these happens becoz of those selfish politician. V juz being manipualte by dem.

So v got to do something by telling dem thru our votes.

rådi"cål 'dreámer said...

Thats why DAP is there for a reason.

Kanasaikia said...

Wah! Ini pro-DAP ni. LoL. Wadevala! Feel free 2 comment ^^