Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fight For Our Right For A Safe Society!

Our country is turning form bad to worse. Our cities are fast turning into cowboy town where law doesn't exist. Snacth theft, extortion, robbery, kidnapping, rape & etc are getting out of hand. Just few days ago, 2 cases of rob & gang rape happened in JB. All this can be prevented if we have efficient police force. Johor Bahru's Tiong Hua Association has recently launch a campaign of 100k signatures petition to be send to the authority. I hope everyone that visit my blog will support this campaign.

Sign signature online

Download petition form

Lets fight for our right to have a better and safe society!


Glare said...

Yah i know this thing and event. Support also. One more thing i already added you in my blogroll liew~~ GG

Anonymous said...

Thus far, there are only about 28,000 signatures, short of 32,000. The other way to encourage people to sign is through individuals who help collect their family members' signatures and submit on their behalf.

Do your part, for the greater good.

Glare said...

I signed already Who havn't sign please as a Malaysian to support!

Rodrigo said...

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