Wednesday, June 06, 2007

主题曲 (Theme Song)

Today will not have any big issue that I will bring it up but just one emo post that I wanted to do because I didn't post up any emo emo post. LoL. Seriously la, I really emo and not purposely wanted to do 1.

Currently my whole feeling and thinking can be summarize by this song. A song by Lin Yu Zhong (林宇中).

回憶的聲音 播在眼裡
像是一首旋律 多麼美麗
那時我很肯定 你是我唯一

再說我愛你 淚把心佔據
卻有些甜蜜 誰傷心被允許
說過的話語 做過的事情
像歌曲 陪我每個冬季

時間早已忘記 分手時候的無情
你給的美好回憶 讓我有懷念的勇氣

End of an emo post.

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