Monday, July 16, 2007


Thailand - Iraq


Thailand - Oman


Vietnam - UAE


Vietnam - Qatar


Indonesia - Bahrain


Indonesia - Sausi Arabia


Malaysia - China


Malaysia - Uzbekistan


This time Asia Cup has 4 hosts. These 4 host are Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & Malaysia. 3 out of 4 hosts had played a good game against other teams and showed tremendous improvement in their skill of playing but 1 of the host still thinks they are the best and in the end they are the worst. You know who i am saying? I am saying about Malaysia football team.

Before the match against China, Malaysia coach had said that he was very confident in defeating China. China coach replied by saying " Yah! We got to becareful against Malaysia. They are very 'good', 1 of the tigers in SEA. I must plan properly in order to beat them."

Yah! The tiger indeed powerfull in conceeding 10 goals in 2 matches. Very 'superb' playing by them which i don't even know what word i can use to describe them.

How i hope our national team is the whole MyTeam and the coach is Shebby.

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Glare said...

GG for Malaysia. Malaysia boleh!