Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tagged by XY .. SIEN!

So here goes a lame game.Each player of this game starts off with TEN weird habits or little known things about yourself.People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own TEN weird or little known facts about yourself as well as state this rules clearly.At the end, you must choose 6 people to tag and list their names.NO TAG BACKS.

Swei that i kena tagged. Never mind, lets begin. LoL

  1. I play DOTA (Defence of The Ancient) most of the time I on my computer. I read articles from Wikipedia, I read other people's blog & I like to go to forum to see the latest issues being talk about.
  2. I love reading history, philosophical, inspirational, motivational, politic, law, science & general knowledge related books. MOST LOVED is COMIC. LoL
  3. I watch anime & if I like certain anime I will watch it again & again for as much as I like it.
  4. I support BMW Sauber
  5. I love eating spicy & sweet sour food. It makes me high :D
  6. I write caligraphy eventhough I not that pro but I like it very much.
  7. Most of the time I will act like a 'monkey' but when I'm serious please don't mess with me ^^
  8. I sing when I bath.
  9. I play harmonica.
  10. Finally, I Love My Country, Malaysia, but I don't really like the current government :D

The tag will stop here. Don't want to kenakan anybody because I'm a very kind guy. LoL :p


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Glare said...

lolx later you will be the namewee number 2 and then government agent will contact you and sue you for talking bad thing about Malaysia XD