Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bank Robs Workers Bonus

Today i went to CS (City Square, JB) to catch a movie with my friends. When i reach there, i was surprised by the protest stage by NUBE (National Union of Bank Employee) & Maybank's employee in front of Maybank. They are protesting against their salary that is too low (around RM662.00/ RM995.00) to be able to cope with the gradual increase in the cost of living & their bonus which is currently being held on by the bank. Several protests had been made in several other cities around the country.

Shame on those banks which didn't care & appreciate their employee's hardwork. Our country already facing problems in the judical recently & now BANKS!

Good luck Malaysia!

Read more about this on NUBE.

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Glare said...

Malaysia world of curruption and GG for them GG~