Saturday, November 03, 2007

My View On Singaporean Youths Are Soft, Spoilt & Sad

Yesterday I was given a blog address to read about this topic which is about Singaporean youths are soft, spoilt and sad. The topic is indeed a mind-boggling topic to discuss about.

Before I proceed with my view & rectify certain people's view on Malaysia, I would like to make it clear that the comment "I" posted on that blog is actually not the real blogger for this blog.

Lets back to the topic I'm talking about. So, when i went through all the comments posted about that topic, I do find a few which their comments do make some sense. But sadly, most of the comments that were posted were either very defensive or offensive.

Minister Mentor of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew has said before in his memoir that the reason for him to write the memoirs is because he wants to remind the hardship & what Singapore has achieved now is not build in a day or two. This shows that MM has the feeling that youths in Singapore nowadays are taking things for granted based on what he has observed.

I do agree with certain youngsters in Singapore are indeed spoilt or take thing for granted but we can't genaralize or categorize all of them just like that. From what I had observed, no matter what country that exist on Earth, Malaysia or either Singapore, there will definately be this kind of people exist and is just the number that is different. What makes the number different is depands on the country economy, politic & social stability.

This is what I had quoted from one of the comments,


Unless of course, Singapore falls back into the period of racial
riots and such. This I believe is highly unlikely and is counterintuitive to
today's undeniably satisfactory standard of living. Once again, he has only
considered the 'spoilt' side of Singaporean males he believes are living in the
luxurious comfort he claims we enjoy, as with all other Singaporean males
because we are all just one, homogenous, emotionally equal kind of human being :
a Singaporean."

A typical Singapore youngster's thinking. Well, i do agree with that Singapore won't be falling back to those time when racial disharmony occurs because of good life from the accelerating growth of Singapore economy. But from what that person said above is that he admitted all males in Singapore are 'spoilt. I don't know what he means by that.

Ok, lets get back on track again . There are some factors that let Singapore youth look spoilt, soft & take things for granted. Singapore is well developed & wealthy city state that eventually created a lots of middle & upper class families. This might be one of the factors that due to good living environment, parents tend to pamper their children more or sometimes over pempered. Thus, it will somehow lead some of the children to be quite 'spoilt' . Secondly, the limited size of Singapore might also has given outside people to define that Singapore kids are spoilt, soft & taking things for granted. After all, bad things will spread far more better than the good & human too tend to remember bad things better. So, because the country is small you will tend to see 'more' and remember it vividly.

There is also in some comments that talk about the word 'hardship'. Lets define the word hardship. In most of the dictionary available, hardship is define as severe suffering & privation. But then, this word is interpret differently in Singapore & Malaysia. What makes this interpretion differents is the way of life between people in Singapore & Malaysia which is cause by different politic & social system in both country.

In Malaysia, endurance towards hardship is by buliding things from nothing to something & from poor living standard to a more comfortable living standard. This is roughly the same experiance the generation of people that gone through when Singapore gain her independence from Malaysia. That is why a lots of youths in Malaysia tend to see youths in Singapore to be soft, slack, spoilt & take things for granted. For non-bumiputra, they got to go through all the discrimination that is set by government. This is also 1 of factors that makes most of Malaysian youths to view Singapore youths differently.

In Singapore, it is totally a different story. Singapore is base on meritocracy & if someone wanted to excel, that person got to compete for the best or that person will be left out from the highly elitist competetive society. Furthermore, government of Singapore is asking more foreigner to come to Singapore to work & study, it will indeed force Singaporean to work harder than normal. Their experiance of hardship is totally different.

Now, I would like to present some of the people who commented on Malaysian. You will get to see how shallow is their knowledge towards a country which is just a Causeway away. Let me quote some of it,


"What about Singaporean youths being too pampered and spoilt? I
guess you’re just jealous of the achievements we have in Singapore."

"Many of my friends work during
our holidays, unlike you Malaysians who play catching in your pathetic
plantations.And being compeititive beats lazing around like
some bloody fools fyi. And that’s perhaps why we’re able to accomplish more than
you, imbecile. "

"Stop forcing
your illogic on us educated people over here. To your coming over during the
Mega Sales Season. Sorry, but didn’t you see it as you guys are begging us to
come over because your country is poor? And to add on to your disbelief, I’ve
never been to Malaysia during the Mega Sales Season before. I have flown to
Taiwan, Japan, But never to Malaysia for its Mega Sales Season before. What
makes you think we will flock over just to save a few pennies for low-graded
goods when we already had overwhelming pockets to cope with? "

By ShiJun

"Excuse me Sir, when is the Malaysian mega sales (MSS) season?
Seriously, I
don’t know about it."

Well, as you can see, the two person who commented are indeed those who know really little about Malaysia & i would like to request for the 2 person above to stay in Malaysia for a few months if not few weeks. I will definately confirm that once you stay here, you will get to know more about Malaysia. If you don't want to, then just come visit or get some books about Malaysia & read it or go Malaysia internet forum to know more about Malaysian's life. Don't just make an overall statement about Malaysia with such limited knowledge.

By sk


Yes, we understand that Malaysians
do enjoy several
“privileges” or “benefits” that we don’t:

1 Can pee
in lifts
2 Can cross roads
3 Can
eat and
spit anywhere
4 Can throw rubbish and litter
4 Can beat traffic lights or break the
6 Can steal car and get away with

But hey, who’s
complaining? "

As for sk's comment I should said that not all Malaysian do things that are stated above. By using the word 'Malaysian' means you are generalising all Malaysian are doing it. This is no good. By the way, not all those things that happen in our country are done by Malaysian but mostly are foreigners like Bangla & Indonesian.

Malaysia & Singapore are link togather. We are related in someways like we speak a common 'rojak' languange, our culture & relation between people. What we are different is due to our differences in the environment that we grow up. If there is any differences or diagreement, please calm down, take a seat & sort it out. It will not do any good for us to attack each other. Lets sort things out in a gentleman's way.


Glare said...

Every country have their bad side is whether the percentage is how much only.

Glare said...

Every country have their bad side is whether the percentage is how much only.

Teddy said...

every country has their pro & cons
ppl can say S'pore youth r pampered n so on..
but then, lookin at the other side..
they have their breakthroughs also
like when the suggest plans for the development in MRT stations,
help develop diagnostic device for disease, etc etc...
instead of critisizing singaporean, i tink malaysia shud think bout how they can improve themselves...
just my personal opinion tho..