Monday, December 10, 2007

What Went Wrong?

2007 indeed is a great year for Malaysia with so many protests, demostration & rioting on the street. Why all this things happen so many times in just a short times? General election is around the corner & might be 1 of the factors you may say but this couldn't be, with so many incidents occur in such a short period, something is amiss. Something is wrong & it is really wrong from a very long time.

Lets not discuss who behind all these demostration but what's the reason for it to happen. All these things happen with the same reason, grievence!

If the government really that good, why will there be some demostration & rioting happen here & there?? If the government is really that good than there is no reason why some people will join demostration & rioting & some even want to send documents to The Queen Of England. Do you think those people really that free to waste their time instead of using the time to work or schooling?

No matter what, things that happened recently has proven that the way the current government govern the country has digress a little from the way it begins to govern the country.

I think is time for those people in charge to reveal what they had done wrongly before the matter burst into something that can't be amend.

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Glare said...

yah support Malaysia government if still havn't awaken then continue to sleep til the day somebody out here will knock your head and ask you to wake up. Don't worry