Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chapter 19.1 (2008 CE) - The Beginning of a New Journey

Wow! Another year has past. Time past amazingly fast & I still remember vividly things that I had done in 2007. All it seems is just like yesterday. LoL!

Well, another year has arrived & that means I'm going to be a year older. God damn! I'm 19 soon!! So fast!!!

Not only I'm a year older but my freaking STPM is just 10 months away!! Damn!! Think about it, makes me freaking scare until I wanted to pee in my pants (Actually not really la, because things are right on track & I'm doing quite well. At least much better than my time in SPM ^^). But still, I have to face it with all my strength.

This year is also the final year of me schooling in Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English College). Got to enjoy & appreciate all the single things that I will do with my friends in school.

Oh yah! My driving license will soon be converted into regular driving license. I'm PRO soon!! Wahaha!!

Lastly, is my 2008 resolution. Here it goes:
  1. Focus on my study so that I can get good result & get my ass out of this country to study in some foreign land.
  2. Malaysia less FUBAR.
  3. Get a roller skate & Ibanez guitar.
  4. Know more leng lui. Wahaha!!!

Thats all for now. Good night!!

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