Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chapter 19.2 - Memorable Valantine Gift

5 years taking part in the event of my school's Sports Day, never ever once i got anything from it personally. I never know what I can do during Sports Day other than marching & duty as first aider.

This year I plan to absent myself from the event but never I had expected that I was fielded in as an athlete for my sports house (thanks to some of my friend who recommended me to my sports house teacher). When I got to know about it, I had only 2 days left for preparation. I was nervous & I don't really believe that I can do it.

A day before the main event, I had my practice & from there I got to know my teammates for the 4x400m event.

The big day has arrived, I settled myself down in order to optimize my performance. I got myself on to the track as the 1st runner & waiting for the shot to mark the start of the race. While waiting, my mind went wild again & suddenly blank.

A loud "bang" was heard & I get to pull my mind back in time for the race. I ran as fast as I can but for the last 100m I can feel the fatigue in my body is getting more & more serious. I told myself to finish everything off fast & not let my fellow team members down. I reach at the finishing line in 4th place but distance between the no.1 (Grundy/green) is so damn far.

I thought that everything is over since the gap is so huge but never I had expected that we are able to catch up & clinch the 2nd spot. The 1st place was also held by Drury.

It was a memorable moment for me to get something in my last year of school & this achievement is not only mine but also belongs to all my fellow Drury Team B runners. Thanks for the nice teamwork! I also got to thanks to Previn for the advices in preparation before the event that he has given. Thanks everyone for the Valentine gift. Thanks!

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