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This is the opening for the drama 少年杨家将 (Young Warriors of the Yang Clan)which is sing by Anson Hu (胡彦斌). A very meaningful song & its' lyric suit the best of the drama. The name of this song is 诀别诗 (Jue Bie Shi).

And here below is the drama that makes me feel so emotional while I watching it. I seldom like this so from here you can know that this drama will be a great show to watch. Its' cast, song, costumes & the most important, THE PLOT are great. 5 star rcommendation from me for those who like this type of drama. MUST WATCH AH!!

You can get this drama online by watching it (link provided) or download it.


Below is the summary for the drama in both English & Chinese. Hope everyone like my recommendation. Enjoy! Cheers ^^

The legend of how each man and woman from the Yang family had served and defended their country was brought to the screen many times before.

Set at the year 980 AD the time of the Northern Song Dynasty, this drama is a light-hearted rendition of their earlier days when most of them were not yet soldiers.

It focused on how their parents, their enemies, and the women they loved shaped their characters, influenced their lives, and motivated them to greatness.

Chinese Summary
简介:少年杨家将 公元980,宋军攻打幽州,为辽军所败,太宗派英勇无敌的杨业扼守雁门关。杨业带领杨家七子,以寡敌众,让辽军落个惨败收场,退出关外。经此一役,杨家声威大显,举国振奋。引起以潘仁美为首的众大臣的嫉妒与迫害。同时,辽国萧太后深明“要灭南宋掌权天下,必要先灭杨家将。”自此,杨家遭受到一系列残酷的迫害,直至被推上“决战金沙滩”的绝路,杨家将虽然个个英勇,但难敌辽军如潮水汹涌,再加潘仁美从中作梗,终于抵档不住,全军覆没。大郎、二郎、三郎惨烈战死。四郎重伤不知所踪。五郎因被带离战场,铸成大错,对杨家造成不能挽回的伤害,最终看透生死,出家为僧。七郎负伤杀出重围搬救兵途中被潘仁美剥皮万箭穿心。杨业为保众人性命,突围而出,浴血沙场,终为辽军俘虏,最后在李宁碑自尽以保名节。杨家将在金沙滩一役杨业带领七子去,结果只有一子返,惟有杨六郎得保性命归来。身为杨家的唯一男将,杨六郎将抽丝剥茧、查明真相,顽强奋战,以完成杨业遗愿,先天下而后己,保家卫国,此是后话!

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