Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1 Month 4 Days

Biology Revision - Arse / elbow.

I'm left with 1 month & 4 days before the exam arrive. I'm working hard on it. God bless.


Teddy said...

jia you..

y ur chat box owayz cant load wan..
weird leh... change to cbox la.. the one u pakai not stable.. hehhe

Esther said...

All the best to you wheyyy! :D

Kanasaikia said...

Thx for the wishes by u all. Will try my bez ^^

Btw, teddy i had chng my chatbox edi. Haha

Glare said...

GG~ take what exam anywhere?

All the best man,I also preparing for my coming MCP 270 paper exam at 7 of Novemmber. Wish we both and pass with flying color yeah~


Kanasaikia said...


O~ Haha! Thanks! Same to you too