Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Yes!! Is over!! EXAM is OVER!! STPM is OVER!!

So far, everything is good.Let me summarise what I feel for the subjects that I had taken.

Pengajian Am
So far so good. I have the most confident in this subject. May god bless me that I will get what I want.

This one..Hmm...Is also in my expecting list. Same!! God bless me!! May I get what I want.

Uh huh!! Mr.Chew!! This time for sure no more fail. Haha. Hope the result will come out as what I have targeted.

Maths T
Hmm...Also won't fail but hope can get a better result.

Thats it. With STPM come to an end, it also mean that the days of me in EC has reach the end. 7 years. Not many people have 7 years in a school. A lots of memories from this 7 years especially the Form 6 years.

Thanks EC,thanks to all the teachers and friends. Won't forget you all. Remember! Always keep in touch.

Goodbye! Hope to see you all again ^^

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