Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Of Crossing Over & Sultan Decision

This few days, we heard a lot of this enacting anti-hopping law, suing Sultan & taking legal action against this newly form Perak government. So, let me give my view on crossing over & taking legal action against Sultan.

Crossing Over is

OK: If for the sake of the people & the country.
Not OK: If for the sake of oneself benefit & gain.

No need for any anti-hopping law to be enacted. After all is against the constitution. All we need is just a law that state that, if a assemblyman/assemblywoman quit his/her own party, a fresh election should be call. If the same assemblyman/assemblywoman wants to retain the seat by contesting in the election, he/she should obtain 1/4 of the approval signature from the constituent of that constituency.

Taking Legal Agianst Sultan is OK, if the Sultan or his family did something that goes against the law. After all, constitution permits legal action to be taken against any royal members by the people.

Is ok to sue any royal members if you think you really can win. LoL. But no matter what, looking at those BN & pro-BN supporter & groups go lodge report against those who wants to sue the Sultan, I find that, this people really got no medicine can cure. I can only say that they are big hypocrite & opportunist. Why didn't they make noise when our former Prime Minister tries to amend the constitution which strip away the Kings' power of immunity & veto. What an irony.

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