Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Of New Media

Is the influence of new media towards our country going to be great?

The answer is definately YES! It doesn't matter what its influence is but doing things the old way will definately get you no where in this tech savvy society.

For those(politician) who try to cover their misdeed or try to distort facts, I'm sorry to say that you can't really do it well in this information explosion era. Just a click on the mouse & we will know the truth. Don't think that things is still the same as it is 20 years ago. Please wake up! Is already a new era!! Stone age has become history for god sake!

Before I end my post let me show you what I found on CIA - The World Factbook

25,274,132 (July 2008 est.)

Internet users:
15.868 million (2007)

Can you see it? 62.78% of the population surf internet. The amount of user will increase by the time the next general election is held. So, is new media still not significant to make an impact to the country?


Teddy said...

most acknowledge that, dats y many politicians going into blogging.. hahaha..

but they oso wana push for the registration of bloggers n duno wat blogosphere ruling, wat u tink bout dat?

Kanasaikia said...

Yah, I agree with you on that politician start blogging thing. But how many of them start blogging just to keep in touch with the rakyat? I can say that most of them blog is just to follow the trend.

By the way, my this post is not only mean about blogging but also about the alternative news portal & online encyclopedia.

Nothing can be distort easily or hide easily nowadays. So, if this politician just go on with their business as usual just like the yesteryears of theirs than sayonara, you will soon be in the 'museum'.

As for those ruling. Er.. I ask you la. You got register meh? LoL. Aiya. As long you blog responsibly than nothing will happen to you. After all, virtual world did not operate in a legal vacuum.