Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Twist in Teoh's Case

A blog that appeared 2 days ago has posted evidence that show that Ronnie Liu, DAP Selangor State Assemblyman was involved in corruption. The blog also claims that the death of Teoh was caused by the massive scale of corruption by the DAP since they took over the running of the Selangor state government in March 2008.

I was quite curious on how this blogger is able to know so much. But that is not important, the most important is the documents that were posted in the blog. I had go through it. In order to make sure the documents are real, I did a little bit of research on my own. So, after some further checking the so called evidence in the blog, I found a lot of irregulaties in the documents. Lets see it 1 by 1.

In the document, the earliest transection dates back to 28 January 2008 which was before March 8 General Elcetion. So, is it possible for Ronnie Liu to be able to become state assemblyman & siphoned the money back then?

In the document, it claims that Ronnie Liu is the ADUN for N56 Sg. Pelek. For your information, Ronnie Liu is the ADUN for N47 Pandamaran. N56 Sungai Pelek constituency repsentitive is a MCA guy named Yap Ee Wah.

The documents don't contain any official emblem & logo of the state & it also doesn't has the the official chop & signature of the ADUN. In the same time the source for the documents are not clear. Can it be that this particular documents that were posted are fake documents?

With so many irregulaties, can this be another conspiracy by some parties to try to divert attention for their misdeed? There is high possibilities for it. So, keep your finger cross & let the drama unfold as some clowns are trying to cover their crime trails with lots of funny things.

For more reports please go to Malaysiakini & Malaysian Insider.

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