Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Utusan Reporter Thought Ultra Vires Means 'To Insult'

At Kuala Lumpur High Court today, where Karpal Singh's is charged for sedititous statement during the Perak Crisis, a rigorous cross-examination by defence counsel Jagdeep Singh Deo was conducted on Utusan reporter, Mohd Nizam and he appeared rattled by the lawyer’s questions during the session.

Below is what I extracted from Malaysian Insider.

Jagdeep then proceeded to ask him if he understood the press release since it was in English.

Mohd Nizam: “I only understand it in general and not thoroughly.”

Jagdeep then asked the reporter if he agreed that what was said in the press conference was only an opinion of the constitutional crisis in Perak.

“I only report and do not give opinion,” Mohd Nizam replied.

The answer appeared to irritate Jagdeep who accused Mohd Nizam of being insincere.

Jagdeep then told Mohd Nizam to read part of the press release to the court.

Mohd Nizam: “Although the orders have been confirmed by the Sultan. If the decision is ultra vires then the decision can be adjudicated by the court.”

Jagdeep then asked Nizam to explain what ultra vires means to the court.

Nizam looking confused and replied: “To insult.”

As a reporter for 16 years, he is making himself to look like a clown by not knowing the term ultra vires. As reporter, by not checking facts and make report is already wrong but for the chief editor to allow publication of such wrongful report is really a big WRONG. Utusan Malaysia indeed Penyebar Fikiran "Rakyat".


Teddy said...

so wat does Ultra Vires mean?

Aced said...

ultra vires is Latin & is use in legal sphere to mean 'beyond the powers' of a thing.