Saturday, October 03, 2009


Recently, I stumble upon a fact in Wikipedia which the source of the fact is from CIA said that Malaysia is a 'Newly Industrialised Country'. It means Malaysia is just a step away to become Developed Country. Good news right?

I hope it is true but to most of us in this country, the ans
wer will be "hell no!". Just look at our economy, politic, environment & the appreciation of arts & culture, are we there yet to be considered 'Newly Industrialised Country'?

Today, I saw this report on MalaysianInsider. Below is what they said and the ranking of our country:

The global study on broadband quality conducted by Oxford’s Said Business School listed Malaysia among countries which had Internet speeds which were “below today’s applications threshold.”

Malaysia is listed in the same category but above countries like the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, Vietnam and Indonesia. China, Malta, Brazil and Thailand are among countries just ahead of Malaysia in broadband quality but still in the same low category.

Looking back at history, Malaysia used to be one of the first to embrace broadband with Streamyx in 1999. During that time, Singaporeans will be even envy of us. But now that other countries have improved leaps and bounds, where are we heading to?

Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan & Japan take less then 50 years to be developed countries. Malaysia even after 50 years still just half way through. It is quite irony to say Malaysia is a 'Newly Industrialised Country' when we are not even ready or reach there yet. I wonder how long more for us have to use to even reach there. I wonder.


lionel0008 said...

This is something that we should be ashamed of or at least TM should really do something about it. I heard speeds in UK are 10 times the speed at half the price in RINGGIT. Talk about fair

Tedd said...

singapore can enjoy 4Mbps at home while our max is 1Mbps, 4Mbps is for corporate n klang valley only! hahaha...

S'pore is moving towards fibre optics internet liao lor.. they r starting to fix it into the houses...sigh... TM punya streamyx bila baru mau naik taraf?