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12/02/2011 A Grand Chinese Feast (漢宴)

Day 10 of Lunar New Year, the world first grand (true and proper) Chinese Fest after 360 years of forceful disappearance was finally back and this grand feast was held in Palace Of The Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This dinner strictly follows the Rites of Zhou(周制禮)and through this it has has brought out the essence in Chinese culture & etiquette which are respect, courtesy & manners. In my view, this event is a success and also another milestone in restoring Hanfu & also Chinese rites & etiquette for Hanfu Movement in Malaysia. Good job to everyone in the movement :D

Phase 1: Check in

Ticket for the Chinese Feast

Registration Counter

Red cloth still covering tablet of Chinese Ancestors

By 7pm most people has arrived

Phase 2: Ritual of inviting Ancestors
Organising Committee preparing to perform ritual for inviting the Ancestor to the dinner

The ritual begins

Inviting Ancestor by facing to the North Eastern direction (the place where Heaven is situated)

Tablet of Chinese Ancestors finally unveiled

Paying respect to the Ancestors
Phase 3: Into the hall ceremony
The first to step in is Young Malaysian Movement (YMM) President, Mr. Ng Chin Long accompanied by Malaysia Hanfu Movement initiator, Mr. Kong Chee Huat.

Participants paying respect to the Ancestors

Greeting each other by bowing

Finally, everyone is in the hall
Phase 4: 3 Toasts
Before the beginning of any event, is important to pay respect to the Ancestor and greet everyone in the hall with a toast of wine.
A toast to the Ancestors
A toast to the people opposite

A toast to all participants

Speech by Chief Coordinator of the event, Mr Loh

Malaysia TV station RTM was there to record and report the event
A speech by YMM President

A speech by Malaysia Hanfu Movement initiator
Phase 5: Let the Dinner Begins

Miss NTV7 reporter enjoying her meal
Phase 6: After Meal Entertaiment
Guqin performance

After having a sumptuous meal, Miss NTV7 reporter is finally up and ready to do her job

RTM interviewing Guqin master

NTV7 interviewing Mr. Kong
Phase 7: Games
Musical Rose (something like musical chair and the person that has the rose will have to say something auspicious and he too has to gulp down a small cup of wine)

Chinese traditional game - Touhu (投壺)

Phase 8: Closing Ceremony
Before closing the event, all participants would need to tidy up themselves as the ritual of sending off Ancestors will begin in a short while

The ritual begin with sending off speech and words of gratitude to the Ancestors

Paying respect to the leaving Ancestors

A bow to everyone as a sign of farewell

Bowing to the tablet of Chinese Ancestors as a sign of farewell to the Ancestors

A bow to each other as a sign of farewell

Post Event Photos
Da Lv Guqin Institute

Mr. & Mrs. Kong

Malaysia Hanfu Movement, Melaka (Malacca)
Chinese Feast (漢宴)2011 Organising Committee

From all of us: "Wishing everyone a prosperous & happy Chinese New Year "

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