Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Never ending stories

I have seen a lot of reports on newspaper writing the same old things like a never ending story.

Because you have a Muslim name in your identity card, the authority will go chasing for you. They will go after your body so you can be bury according to the Islam procedures, separate you from your wife or children who are not Muslim or they will take action against you, send you to rehabilitation centre if you are found not practicing Islam even though you are indeed not a Muslim but just have a Muslim name there.

Sadly, i had saw this kind of report again from a blog by Malik Imtiaz, Disquiet.

This time is about 1 Indian Hindu family. Marimuthu a/l Periasamy, a rubber-tapper was separated from his wife, Raimah Bibi a/p Nordin and six children(Yogneswary 12, Paramila 11, Hariharen 8, Shamala 5, Ravindran 5 and Kuberan, 4)

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