Friday, April 27, 2007

Swei Day!!!

On last saturday, in a place south of Bolehland, a boy name Kanasaikia started his day as usual, by waking up around 11am then had his breakfast/lunch. After having his breakfast/lunch, he went to the computer room and went online. Not long after signing in to Msn, Radical Dreamer ask him wheather he is confirm of going for jamming in Hop at 2pm. Kanasaikia said yes, he will be going but then he has to reach there late in around 2.15pm or 2.20pm, because as a filial son, he has to help his mum to sort out documents that she wants.
After helping his mum, Kanasaikia, left his house around 1.45pm. He reached CS around 2.10pm and from there he took a cab to Hop. As he got himself in to the taxi, he found out the driver is a Pakistani! In a rush, he didn't really bother much and he just tell him the destination he wants to go.
Never has Kanasaikia ever expected that the journey to Hop will took up to 30++ minutes to reach. After all, from Cs to Hop, it just only takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach by taxi. What exactly has happen on that 30 minutes??
Actually, Kanasaikia was taken for a 'sight-seeing' around J.B by the driver!! When he finally reach Hop, the driver asked for Rm15, and not Rm8 which Kanasaikia agreed with. As frustrated as he was, Kanasaikia threaten the driver to complaint him to his company. Finally, the taxi driver gave in.
15 minutes was left for him to jam. Kanasaikia, Radical Dreamer & Misguided Retainer were not enough with the jamming session, so they decided to add another 1 hour after a music class. In order to wait for the class to finish, they went to a restaurant opposite of Hop after their first jamming session.
Kanasaikia didn't bring enough cash on that day, he told his friends that he will be getting out some cash from the Tiger bank near by. On the way, he looked at the sky and it was so cloudy that it will rain soon. After getting some cash, Kanasaikia walked back to the restaurant.
The sky was dark, thunder can be heard, lightning can be seen and water started to drop from the sky. Kanasaikia started to walk faster and suddenly 'Boom' a lightning strike! Kanasaikia was stun, in just a few seconds, Kanasaikia vision was totally blinded with light and he heard things cracking on top of his head. After regaining conciousness, he touched himself and check it out wheather he was dead. He was not dead yet. He felt so glad to be alive and he saw a lamp post beside. He felt so thankful for that lamp post beside him while the incident happen because the lamp post has blocked the lightning from hitting him directly. An inch away from the lamp post, Kanasaikia might be a charcoal man.
Still in trauma, Kanasaikia walked himself back to the restaurant as fast as he can.

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