Friday, May 18, 2007

New Beginning

Form 6 life for me has just started. I still haven't use to waking up early. lol. But somehow still got to use to it la. Haih. Sad case, back to school life again. 1st day of school already cracked up some stupid joke. That day is registration day and everyone has to go to school with uniform, actually can consider normal schooling day but to me, i thought was just some registration so i didn't went to school on that morning. Only when i went to school at 1.45pm and saw everyone was wearing uniform, i finally realise that day was a normal schooling day. That was the stupid thing i had done for the 1st day of school.LoL

With the beginning of my schooling life, thats mean there will be less blogging. No more fooling around like i did during my SPM years. Got to strive hard for success. Thats all for today.Adios.

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