Thursday, May 24, 2007

We Are On Par With Japan

Education is the basic for a country to be advanced, prosperous and industrialized.
We learn maths so we know how to calculate. We learn science so that we know things around us. We learn history so that we will know more about the past and try to avoid making the same mistakes again. But somehow, for history subject, Malaysia is on par with Japan.

Why is this so? Because facts in the history textbook of Malaysia has been frequently altered. In this 27 years, syllabus for history subject has changed for 6 times. What we are learning now is the altered version or the version of history that our government wants us to know. Just like Japan wanted to cover up her atrocities during World War 2, Malaysia also got things that don't want their citizen to know. Thus, some changes and alteration had been make on our history book.

You can try and compare history books of our brother or sister and our parents with ours, you can find a lot of differences. History textbook of this days is much more emphasize on Malays struggle for independence. Where the other races? The other races had also contributed in the independence of then Malaya but in the book, it just briefly talk about it.

Alteration on tha fact of history also can be seen with Rentap of Sarawak. In our books nowadays he is the freedom fighter but did anyone knows that he is a pirate that once terrorised the area of Sungai Lang, Ulu Skrang. James Brook in order to pacify the area, sent troops to destroy Rentap. All this facts can be found on internet and the old syllabus history book but not in the syllabus now.

Our history book should include incident like May 13 and the seperation of Singapore from Malaysia. Why all these important incident are not in the book? Is there anything wrong with it or there is something bad that we shouldn't know.

To me, history book should teach us the truth and let us know what our country is during the past. If once our country did anything wrong just let us know and not hide it. We will not learn from the mistakes if we continue to elude from it but we will continue to do the same mistake again and again, in the end we will destroy ourself.

A country that wanted to achieve something in the eyes of the world, that country got to solve its own domestic problem first.

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