Thursday, August 02, 2007


"an attempt was made to fill the target without thought for the ability and the capability of attaining it. ... Some became rich overnight while others became despicable Ali Babas and the country suffered economic set-backs". Tunku Abdul Rahman, 1981

"Let's not use the crutches for support all the time, the knee will become weak". Abdullah Badawi, 2004

At first, this policy is here to help to close the gap in economy between Malay & Chinese. It is also here just for awhile and should be scrap off once the objective has been achived but till now it is not gone and it has become a destroyer to our country peace & harmony.

The reason why there is still no true harmony between races is due to this policy. This policy set quota in business & education in order to help Bumiputra to get shares & a place in institution of higher education. This is certainly discrimanatory towards non-Bumis & eventually ill feeling starts to build up among non-Bumis.

This policy has now gone from bad to worse as it is use a weapon to threaten whoever who dares to question about it & other special privilages that the Bumis are enjoying. It is also now a good tool of corruption & also causing the Bumis to be like a kid that use to spoon feed by the government. Unfortunately, not all Bumis benefit from NEP. Those who benefited from it are those had link with the 'insiders'. The poor Bumis don't really get much of it from the policy.

A question is now in my mind. Is it all the Bumis are poor? Is all the non-Bumis are rich? To me, no matter what races there is definately poor & rich. The NEP should have use it to help the poor withouht regarding races & not just focus on certain races. This is the only true way that can really help curb the problem we are facing.

Vision 2020 is a vision to achieve the status of developed nation & to achieve that we must not only developed in education,economy, science & technology but also be united. We will not achieve that vision as long we are not united as a nation. We will not be united as a nation as long this policy is here to stay.

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Glare said...

Sad to say.. but it's true... wawasan 2020 I knew it since primary six when in 1996 told by my primary school principle. Hopefully Malaysia will able to achieve what it plan for so many years.