Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ok!! That's me. Yeah! You didn't see wrongly. Is me. But why I'm in the video with Daniel, Digi's Celebriteen & Victor Lee(Malaysian Idol 1 Top 8). Because we are superstar. Haha

Actually we are currently working for Digi's new promotion, which is the Digi Telegram Song Dedication. Basically, we are there to give flyers. Who knows, we end up joining them taking video shots. LoL.

Most of it is real la. No joke. Just that ours is for entertaiment. By the way, from 5 January until 8 February you can dedicate a song through the radio or from the website below to your friends. Those with a good story will be feature on air & if your story really very good than those band people will be chasing after the person you dedicate to.

So, why wait? Let get moving! LoL

Well, hope you all enjoy ^^

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