Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New/Niu Year!!

Well well, currently I'm blogging from Perak, Sungai Siput, my mum's hometown. I'm very grateful towards my ah jie. If she didn't brought her laptop & wireless broadband, I'm going to be bored to death. Not to forget that maybe I will be going to lock up this time if I keep going to cyber cafe again. Damn! Pusing's cc if open to late police will come & do spot check. I was inside there when they raid the cc. Is on new year eve some more. Lucky I brought my IC, if I didn't, maybe I will celebrate new year in police station.LoL

Nothing special la about what happening here. Same as usual. Just go visit relatives & get red packets. But something has change. The amount of money inside the red packet has increase. Finally, the elders know that, RM2 is insufficient in current market. LoL

Kla. Thats all for now. Chiao

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Teddy said...

Happy Chinese New Year! hehehe

u r lucky that u dun c old traditional ppl who may giv u 20sen with 2 quachee inside with a pomelo leave.. hehe..

dats the traditional angpow... not the money dat counts, but the wish which comes wif it.. hehehe...