Thursday, February 05, 2009

Perak in Chaos

Perak is in chaos now. Yes it is in chaos. Whay am I concerning so much? Because Perak is my place of birth & I still have many relatives there. Any sudden change of event in Perak will affect them.

Well, I won't comment about it since outside there, we got a lot of people giving their comment on it. No matter what, I'm really unhappy with that Bota assemblyman. This kind of people should't be representing even one people. He is just plain selfish. Damn him! He just jump here & there if he finds that the situation doesn't looks good.

So far, with 4 people who quit from Pakatan Rakyat's parties, PR now has became a minority goverment. It will be best for the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly & let the people decide who they want. That's the best way. Letting things go on like this by giving a chance to BN to form the state government withouht a fresh election will be a disaster for Malaysia democracy.

Really hope that Sultan of Perak will make the best decision of all. The whole nation is watching. Lets hope for something good.

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