Thursday, February 05, 2009

Perak in Chaos 2

I'm in fury! Just came across RTM1 while I randomly switching channel on my tv. They are having this live broadcast concerning the situation in Perak. Basically, they just want to wait for the final words from Sultan of Perak.

That's not the point. What I'm angry is that when I switch to RTM1, the things I heard makes me angry. There is this Timbalan of Perak from UMNO on air through telephone gave his view. He said "if BN forms the state government there will be no Indian in the commitee. We can't be blame. All this is what the Indian community wanted & so be it. Let them learn their lesson from here".

WOW! How arrogant is he! Haven't even form the state government already wanted to show his claws. I can't imagine what happen if they really get to form.

Sultan of Perak, please dissolve the state assembly & let the people choose their goverment!

1 comment:

Teddy said...

yea, dissolve n re-do the election one more time, everyone will be satisfy.. nobody shud resign frm current state assembly.... n let those crossovers win the battle so easily!!!