Thursday, February 05, 2009

Perak in Chaos 3

Sultan Azlan Shah has decided there will no dissolution of the Perak state assembly. He told Mohd Nizar to step down as MB to pave way for power transfer to BN. -Malaysiakini

Wee~ Now it seems that Sultan of Perak has send Malaysia's democracy a step nearer to the guillotine. Your Highness Majesty will set a precedent in Malaysia by accepting a governemnt that depands on frog. This is a warning sign to all those who concern of this country.

If nothing comes to stop it than we will see more 'frog action' in the future. What's the use for us to have election if so. Something got to be done, somebody got to stop it & save Malaysia democracy. Currently, Perak's State Assembly Speaker has filed a lawsuit to the High Court to vindicate that the 3 letters of resignation by the defectors are valid in order to pave way for a by-election. Hope that the court will make the wisest verdict in order to save Malaysia's democracy.

By the way, all hope for the Sultan to change his mind is not over yet. Chance for an election still exist. Everything will not be final before BN is sworn in as government by tommorow. Hope that the Sultan will, we his conscience & wisdom, dissolve the state assembly for the state election to be held.

If BN did indeed form the government than for sure this will be the turning point for both PR & BN. For BN, they might be very happy that they regain 1 state from PR but they regain just the state & not the heart of the people. The way they act & the way they do to gain Perak back has totally backfired strategically. They had anger up the nation. They will face the axe of the people in the next general election. By that time, I'm sure BN will be doom & maybe totally destroy. If this is so, than PR will be the next government for sure.

So, no matter what, the biggest loser will still be BN. Lets wait for its fall. HIDUP RAKYAT!!

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Teddy said...

wah seh.. u reli following up wif all the political scenario in Perak wor..

tell me who wins in the end ya.. haha