Friday, June 05, 2009

Adverlets Is A Scam

We HATE Advertlets

Lucky I quited at RM35.63. If not I going to cry like no tomorrow, because...

Advertlets never pays their bloggers
Advertlets will only pay to the blogger they like

Sound like a scam, right?

Want proof? All you need is just search 'Adverlets Don't Pay Their Bloggers'. You will get a lot of it.

So, do you think is time to jump ship?


-p.c- said...

Never tried. But not going to try it now... haha

Teddy said...

u havent teach me how to put the Popular pages today thing on the blog leh, i try click click, but cannot wan!

Aced said...


You stupid. LoL! Is from feedjit la. Aiyo

Teddy said...

but when i click to get feedjit, it comes out the Live Traffic wan, it doesnt give me the Popular Pages wor... how ah? teach la..

Aced said...

Feedjit la dude. Apa la you. There in the same page as the live traffic.