Monday, June 15, 2009

Really Random Post

Oh yeah! I'm back!! Wee~ Finally I get to break free from the grasp of boredness devil. This is all because I finally have access to my campus wifi. LoL!!

No idea what to blog for today so I just simply post an entry. I'm just excited(Ok! sound like some jakun that get to use broadband for the 1st time.LoL!!) Will resume posting some quality post soon. As for now, I want to enjoy the feel of reuniting with the power of technology.

Goodnight World!!


★ whoaamello ★ said...

Your address is really funny! LOL. I'm Hokkien too! =D Kaki lang! And, yeah nothing beats the feeling of being able to re-connect with the world again. Internet FTW!

Aced said...

LoL! I'm cantonese from Ipoh to be frank & I speak cantonese but then, I mix with hokkiens because I live in JB for most of my life. LOL!

And YEAH! Internet FTW!! LOL!!