Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Poem

2 years ago we know each other;
Soon we click togather;
Chat a lot of stuffs togather;
Go for outing togather;
Enjoy sad & happy togahter.

2 years later we are far apart;
Scatter all over Malaysia;
Ready to begin our new chapter in life;
Still, we are togather by heart;
Keep in touch my dear friends & all the best.


Teddy said...

i tot u macho guy,
but got emo side oso.. heheh... cool..

x0407yin*_*wen0612x said...

At malacca!!!

huahua said...

2 years...
We study, we play, we enjoy, we high, we laugh, we cry... together. It is time to go for our own dream. But we still 'sister' now and ever.