Monday, August 20, 2012

People of WWY, I thanks you all

This post is long overdue but is better to be late than never.

This post is specially dedicated to everyone in Woon Wee Yuen & Partners, especially my inspiring boss and supervisor, Mr. Woon Wee Yuen and my friendly and funny mentor, Kak Nurulhuda,  for sharing with me their personal experience, knowledge and most importantly giving me an environment to see Law as a fun and practical thing. All these years through Law School has makes me disillusion and I started to question the purpose of me taking up this course, but all has change, I again found the passion that once guided me here, the passion of wanting to do justice and help others through law. In fact, the trust and confidence given by the both of you in me in attending and advising client is the main factor that sparks my passion once again because to be able to see people in need of help leaving the firm satisfied is the best recognition I can get. 

My 23rd Birthday

Oh, not to forget the bubbly Kak Aida, super senior, CY and everyone. Thanks for the guidance given during the 3 months period, thanks for the Birthday cake and thanks for every other things that you all had given. Greatly appreciate it and I will always remember the time with you all. THANK YOU!!

My last day of Attachment

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