Monday, September 10, 2012

Coming-to-age Ceremony: OH YEAH!! I'm Officially An Adult!!

Its been awhile since I last wear my Hanfu and head north. So, on 31st August 2012, I wore my Hanfu and drove all the way to Genting to help out in the 5th Chinese Cultural Camp. Its been awhile since I last meet my friends and so I'm really looking forward for this camp.

On my way to the venue

This year camp is very different from the camp of the past because this year we have this Malaysia very first (could be the world first) mass Chinese coming of age ceremony. According to the Book of Rites  《禮, a person of the of 20 shall go through this ceremony to mark the beginning of his adulthood. Without going through this ceremony, a person is not considered an adult and that person is not allow to marry. Once a person went through the whole ceremony, he/she will obtain a style name (字). 

Getting reading for the Ceremony

Of course, since I'm in the camp, I too participated in this ceremony. It is a solemn ceremony in which we made our pledge to serve our country, contribute to the society and pass on the torch of Chinese culture to the next generation in front of many people (our teacher, parents and the crowd) and not to forget the heaven, earth and ancestor which acted as a witness to our pledge. There are only 2 words to describe the whole ceremony, dignify and awesome!

These are the things for the men coming of age ceremony

Inviting Ancestor to the Ceremony

The whole Ceremony ended successfully and we are really satisfied with whole thing and of course, our Ceremony has been reported in 8TV and NTV7 on the same day, other major Chinese newspaper reported this Ceremony with some put it as their headline while others give us a full whole page of reporting.

02/09/2012 - Sin Chew Daily

02/09/2012 - China Press

02/09/2012 - Guang Ming Daily
The next day, something epic happened!

Totally genuine, no Photoshop
The whole camp ended on Sunday, 02/09/2012. All I can say this whole camp is freaking AWESOME and I love everyone in the camp, they too are AWESOME!! I'm loving it :)

My style name :D

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