Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dark Friday

I was on the way to get some stuff from my father's friend,
Half way through I was given a ToTo strike by an Avanza,
I am flying in a turn of 270 degree,
Like some fun fair saucer spinning,
I get down to find out that I can't go on anymore.

Well, my car may look bad but the Avanza.............

Gone case for his front. Serve him right for coming out from a small alley withouht stopping & on high speed.

Before I stop, I would like to thanks Dan & Yean Ruey for helping so much. Thanks

Thats all for today. Chiao


Malaria Max said...

"Like some fun fair saucer spinning"

Hope you're ok dude.

Kanasaikia said...


I m fine or I won't be here blogging :D

Teddy said...


both of u driving very fast ah..
dat crash is scary!!!

how much he pay u wor? Rm600?

Kanasaikia said...

Nah, not faz. I was going ard 60 det time but det fela is faz. I try to avoid but can't so we crash lo.

Just look at det avanza u shud noe how faz he goes. Luckily i try to avoid or not he bang my door edi n I mite hv fly 2 some other place. LoL

Kanasaikia said...

He din pay me, everything claim insurance. So, becoz he salah so claim his insurance lo XD

Sim Yen said...

Goddamn..that was lucky of you to escape that crash! Take care dude!

*Saw your blog link through Bih Guok's blog. *