Friday, August 27, 2010

[DL] Do You Know That Cheongsam(Qipao) Is Not Chinese Traditional Clothing?

I recently completed 2 article on the true traditional clothing for Han Chinese. It is in both English and Mandarin and I have written it as simple as possible and included pictures for the ease of reading for all readers. Both articles pages do not exceed 6 pages. Hope that everybody will get something from what I had written :D

Below are the link for the articles I had wrote.

Do You Know That Cheongsam Is Not Chinese Traditional Clothing?

ps: Oh shit! I accidentally circulated my these 2 articles in the form of microsoft words. Wow, there might be people that gonna change the name and claim it as theirs. Haha. Oh well, fine. As long can let more people know then I'm fine :D

Full post: Do You Know That Cheongsam(Qipao) Is Not Han Chinese Traditional Clothing?


Gold Dragon said...

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nice sharing, I saw facebook's note version.

Aced said...

Very sorry, I forget to update the links in my blog post. Now it has been "UPDATED" and please spread it around to other people. Let more people know the true culture of the Chinese. Thanks a lot :D

Haha! Just doing my part for Huaxia :D

Gold Dragon said...

nice, just simple as one click to share!

good job man!